Massage huiles chaudes

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Hot oil massage

Loosen up to bring relief

The Californian massage is an invigorating massage whose objective is to relieve muscular tension. It consists of long, fluid and harmonious motions, gentle touches, kneading and deep gliding pressure over the whole body. Performed with essential oils, the motions carried out bring physical relaxation, comfort and well-being throughout the body.

Straight from California, this massage gently soothes muscular aches and thus provides for a general feeling of well-being. The use of oil promotes the art of the contact and contributes to creating a fluid massage.

Californian massage is experiencing growing success. Customers who are looking for deep relaxation, effective and lasting soothing of tensions while achieving inner harmony are won over by this massage.

  • Benefits
  • Benefits

    Relaxes and loosens muscular tension

    Lessens the feeling of tiredness

    Alleviates pain in the back and the back of the neck

    Soothes heavy legs

  • Practical Information
  • Practical Information

    Dress : under garments

    Product : warm essential oils

    Duration : 60 min, 90 min, 120 min.

    Extra : in combination with deep cleaning of the back or feet, for an additional charge of 20 euros (only at Espace Vitality).

    Contra-indications : febrile syndrome, inflammatory disorder, thrombophlebitis, severe osteoporosis, advanced cancer, alteration of general condition

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Available in massage :

  • Duo
  • A relaxing time to share

    An evening without the children ? A lovers' weekend ? Or do you simply want an original Saint Valentine's Day ?

    Take the time to rediscover each other, you and your other half, benefiting at the same time from a massage performed by two massage therapists.

    Whether at home or in the centre, you will be side by side, in order to relax together and share an extraordinary moment of gentle pleasure with your loved one...

  • Four hands
  • Twice as more relaxed

    Simultaneously realized by two massage therapists, this massage increases the feeling of relaxation and provides a feeling of plenitude rarely felt.

    The synchronized movements of the four hands on your skin let you achieve a total harmony of your body and your mind.