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Inner harmony

Reflexology is performed with pressure movements on the feet, the hands and the face in order to stimulate different reflex zones. The technique has the objective of providing precise aid to the well-being of the body.

More specifically, it makes it possible to soothe pain, to harmonise the functioning of a weaker organ and to give dynamism to each of the body?s physiological functions. After an hour, the person being massaged is totally relaxed and experiences a deep feeling of serenity.

  • Benefits
  • Benefits

    Anti-stress and soothing massage

    Improvement of the blood circulation

    Elimination of toxins

    Relieving heavy legs

  • Practical Information
  • Practical Information

    Dress : clothed, bare feet

    Product : talcum powder or essential oils

    Duration : 60 min, 90 min

    Extra : in combination with deep cleaning of the back or feet, for a supplement of 20 euros (only at Espace Vitality).

    Contra-indications : skin infections, plantar warts

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