Cranian Massage

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Cranian massage

Come out with a clear head !

Inspired by Indian techniques, cranial massage is applied to the scalp and the face with alternating soft and firmer motions. A brief and effective massage that eliminates the muscular tension and stress that is caused by our daily activities and lodges in the back of the neck. With a few basic movements, a cranial massage provides calmness, alleviation of pain and new energy.

Cranial massage is a traditional Indian familial technique that is as pleasant to perform as it is to receive. Besides its relaxing or stimulating effect, cranial massage also promotes the blood circulation, unblocks the sinuses, soothes the spirit and improves concentration, and stimulates your skin and your scalp.

Its virtues are therefore beneficial for both body and spirit. Its calming effects are also thoroughly appreciated, as it is often practised on children with a tendency toward hyperactivity, as well as on older people and people with disabilities.