Amma massage


Amma massage

Loosened up and energetic in 20 minutes

Amma massage is "the" Japanese massage par excellence; it means "calm by touching". It is performed in an ergonomic chair specially designed to provide comfort and relaxation to the zones massaged. Done through the clothing, it is carried out with pressing and pulling movements to return you to your dynamic energy, soothe muscular tensions and relieve the stress that accumulates in the head, the back of the neck and the back.

Introduced in Japan 1300 years ago, amma massage is a technique that has its source in the traditional arts of Chinese massage. The movements are done by pulling, energetic sweeping movements, swaying movements, pressure and drumming to stimulate the nervous and circulatory systems. More than 140 points of manipulations on the body are stimulated in this way to achieve a profound state of relaxation and well-being

With a very tired person, the various manipulations will accentuate the need for rest. With a rested person, the energising effects will be multiplied.

On the other side of the Atlantic, more and more athletes are asking for this massage before or after a sporting competition. Besides these adepts, amma massage is also strongly appreciated in the working world. Whether before or after a meeting or at the end of a stressful day, amma massage will enable you to re-establish your dynamism, relax and optimise your performance at work.


Maximum loosening up in a minimum amount of time

Lessening of nervous tension, tense muscles and pain

Improvement of concentration, creativity and intellectual performance

Practical information

Dress : Light clothing

Product : none

Duration : 15 min, 20 min, 30 min. in combination with the cranial massage

Contra-indications : cardiac disorder, recent operation or pregnancy

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