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Thaï Shiatsu massage

Stimulating well-being

Originating in Japan, the technique of Thaï Shiatsu aims at re-establishing the balance between mental, physical and emotional energy. Performed on a futon, this very stimulating massage is carried out with slow and sustained pressure along the acupuncture meridians and is accompanied by stretching the muscles and moving the limbs. Beyond a significant loosening up of the muscles, Thaï Shiatsu thus makes better joint tone possible, and leads to deep relaxation and an improvement in the body's natural defences.

Thaï shiatsu has been recognised by the European Parliament as one of eight non-conventional medical treatments worthy of interest. (Collins-Lannoye Report of 29/05/1997-Brussels).

From a historical point of view, this type of massage is part of the medical techniques recognised in Japan for more than 50 years. Thus it is based on the knowledge acquired from acupuncture, but it is performed without needles. In practical terms: it consists of carrying out pressure and release motions on the energy points of the body with the objective of clearing up blockages of energy while reducing the accumulated tension of everyday life.

The practitioner thus does not work on one problem in particular, but rather on a set of points. While facilitating the circulation of the energy contained in the body, it can help with the more rapid relief of disorders.

Please note: Thaï Shiatsu is a massage that is done in a stimulating way. If a major problem is being dealt with, the massage could be a little painful.


Lessens stress

Relieves migraines

Soothes back pain and muscle cramps

Reduces insomnia

Lessens fatigue

Practical Information

Dress : light clothing - supplied by the centre if necessary

Product : none

Duration : 60 min, 90 min, 120 min (recommended)

Contra-indications : oosteoporosis, thrombophlebitis, recent operation, pregnant woman, uncontrolled high blood pressure.

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A relaxing time to share

An evening without the children ? A lovers' weekend ? Or do you simply want an original Saint Valentine's Day ?

Take the time to rediscover each other, you and your other half, benefiting at the same time from a massage performed by two massage therapists.

Whether at home or in the centre, you will be side by side, in order to relax together and share an extraordinary moment of gentle pleasure with your loved one...

Four hands

Twice as more relaxed

Simultaneously realized by two massage therapists, this massage increases the feeling of relaxation and provides a feeling of plenitude rarely felt.

The synchronized movements of the four hands on your skin let you achieve a total harmony of your body and your mind.

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