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Sport massage

... and your muscles will recover

Similar to a Californian massage, this variant is intended more for major athletes and makes it possible to relax all the muscle groups strained during physical training.

By slow, deep movements, gentle massaging, kneading and above all pressure, the sport massage succeeds in eliminating the various toxins that accumulate during physical effort. The muscle fibres are thus repaired and regenerated more easily and more quickly.


Relieving of muscle cramps or aches and pains

Rapid muscle recuperation

Practical Information

Dress : under garments

Product : warm essential oils

Duration : 60 min, 90 min, 120 min.

Contra-indications : febrile syndrome, inflammatory disorder, thrombophlebitis, severe osteoporosis, advanced cancer, alteration of general condition

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A relaxing time to share

An evening without the children ? A lovers' weekend ? Or do you simply want an original Saint Valentine's Day ?

Take the time to rediscover each other, you and your other half, benefiting at the same time from a massage performed by two massage therapists.

Whether at home or in the centre, you will be side by side, in order to relax together and share an extraordinary moment of gentle pleasure with your loved one...

Four hands

Twice as more relaxed

Simultaneously realized by two massage therapists, this massage increases the feeling of relaxation and provides a feeling of plenitude rarely felt.

The synchronized movements of the four hands on your skin let you achieve a total harmony of your body and your mind.

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